Top 10 City Jobs Rated to be the Most Fun

top rated jobs

Top Rated Jobs That are Enjoyable

There are many types of job that we find enjoyable. And even if there is no official result for the top rated jobs but I found some interesting sources that have lists of top rated enjoyable jobs. And here is the top 10 for me:

1. Architect

Architecture is a very interesting job and very useful.  Also, architects are very passionate workers and they are dedicated to their job. Sometimes their job is challenging but once the new designed was done well it really gives them a lot of fun.

2. Engineer

Many people viewed engineering as one of the hardest jobs in the city because it requires a lot of skills, talents, and knowledge. But whether you believe it or not, engineers have their own way to entertain themselves in a very professional way. And if you want to know more about it, just try to have a research about their values and cultures.

3. Fashion Designer

Many fashion designers are really proud on their fields. Their profession requires them to produce concepts, make sketches, and develop patterns. But most of all, they analyze trends in fabric, colors, and shapes. Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith are two famous designers who belong to the category.

4.  Hair Stylist

Who won’t admit they need them once in a while? Well without a hair stylist I can’t really imagine what I would look like. Seems like every day will going to be a bad hair day without them. So, if you want to set a perfect day right on a special occasion, just look for the best hair stylist in town.

5.  School Teacher

Many people believe that this job is so much irritating. But opposite to what others are thinking many of the school teachers find their job really enjoyable. So, it’s just a matter of attitude anyway.

6.  Party Planners

Party planners will add a color to your day. And if you want your party to be more enjoyable one, then party planners are great professionals to be a part of your event.

7.  Tour Guides

I find this job as the most adventurous and joyous job. Meeting a different kind of people each day and going to different places is really awesome.  And since their job is to guide some tourist to most exciting and adventurous places, who wouldn’t agree that this kind of job can give so much fun?

8.  Wedding Planner

Every couple wants a romantic and memorable wedding. If you want your wedding as the best wedding in town, choosing your wedding planner is a good choice.

9.  Reporters

If you are someone who has so much interest in the world's political, commercial and entertainment issues, this kind of job will give you satisfaction.

10.   Mobile Application Designer

Lastly, the mobile application designer. In the world where technology is in continuous progress, this field is on demand. Since many people want to go with the trend, and so I guess this is one of the top rated jobs as most enjoyable and interesting.

Finally, you got this list of the top 10 city jobs that rated to be the most fun. So, if you ever wonder what kind of career you want to choose, why don't you consider one of this jobs?

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