Top 8 Resume’s Worst Words You Should Avoid to Create Great Resume

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Great Resumes- What Words to Avoid in Doing it?

A study showed that most recruiters spend and dedicate more time looking at applicants resume to assure if they are capable for the job. That’s why you must pay attention to your resume writing technique. Here are some tips on making great resumes and list of worst words to avoid that you have to take note:

  1.   “Best of Breed”

This word is top rated among all the worst resume terms. So you should never use this on creating your resume. Even if you are the best person on earth, be careful about self-proclamation. It will possibly result in negative impression rather than being impressive.

  1.   “Hardworking”

Yes, you’re hardworking, does anybody else isn't? Consider yourself unique by eliminating that term and look for a word that can make you more special. Words like “determined” and “eager”.

  1.  “Responsible for ___”

Another word is, responsible for. This type of word can’t actually express the powerful accomplishment you did on your job. So, rather than using it, use “managed” or “executed” instead.

  1.   “Detail-oriented”

This word is no longer effective in promoting yourself to the prospective employer. Instead, use “scrupulous” or “extremely attentive to details”.

  1.   “Team player”

This word is sorted as a meaningless phrase and it shouldn’t be seen on your resume. Instead of using “team player” use the more forceful word to express it, like “collaborated” or “coordinated”.

  1.  “Experienced”

To become more effective on your resume don't say you are “experienced”. It’s vague and equivocal. So, rather than putting that word, be more definite and clear by using “created” followed by the list of things you’ve done with some results attached.

  1. “Dynamic”

It's something that you should not acknowledge from your very own self. By doing this, you’re just tooting your own horn. Remember that only the hiring manager can decide whether a prospective applicant possessed this type of personality trait. So, rather than putting words like “dynamic”, “energetic” or “enthusiastic” on your resume show those traits personally on your job interview.

  1. “Career Objective”

The last thing is putting a career objective. It is considered as low-rated and ineffective. Also, remember that the hiring manager’s focus is your skills and accomplishments. So, instead of writing your objectives, focused on things that are necessary.

So, now that you have an idea about the worst words to avoid on your resume. Maybe it's time to change the content of your resume for your next job submission.

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