5 Job Interview Questions and Answers That Work

job interview questions and answersJob Interview Questions and Answers That Work

Going into an interview without any idea about all the potential questions is like crossing a river without knowing how deep and how extremely difficult to pass through it. That's why preparation and practice are very important part of the process to get a job. So, here are some job interview questions and answers you should consider:

1. Can you tell me about yourself?

“I’m reliable and honest. I take responsibilities and making sure to get done the task given to me smoothly on time.”

Actually, when the hiring manager ask you if you can tell them about yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to tell them personal information unrelated to the company’s interest. So, rather than telling about your personal affairs, say something like your best qualities and skills related to the job you’re applying for. Yes, it’s the best time to proclaim your abilities and strengths.

2. Why have you applied for this job?

“I’ve been seeking for a job that fits my skills, education, and values. So, after seeing your vacancy I felt so excited to apply and get hired because I really love this job.”

Then state some good reasons why you love the job. Remember that, someone who earnestly seeking for the job they love the most is often noticed by the interviewer.

3. Why do you want to work for this particular company?

“When I saw the job posted by your company, I made a research and found out that your company holds a good record and I read significant good feedback, that’s why I am passionate to apply in this company.”

Of course, when the hiring manager asks why you applied to their company, they expect a good answer from you. So, praise and compliment the company in the best way possible.

4. Can you work under pressure?

“Well, I think it’s more comfortable working with no pressure at all to avoid mistakes, but if it’s necessary of course I can still work. It’s just a matter of attitude anyway. If the circumstance requires me to work under pressure, I just need to be calm and never panic, maintain self-control and all will be working smoothly.”

Many people directly answer this question with a yes, but it’s more impressive to be honest. Hence, working under pressure is really difficult you don’t have to show-off and display too much confidence about it.

5. What five words would you say best describe you?

“Passionate, diplomatic, creative, strong and with integrity.”

Yes, it’s just an example of some best words that describes good personality. So, think about it carefully. Collect all your five greatest qualities. Don’t waste these words to describe non-relevant traits. Also, don’t state a word that’s not true to brag. Be honest.

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