One of the United States’ Top Hot Jobs With Increasing Demand For 2017

Customer Service Representatives

Customer care- one of the countries hot jobs

Nowadays, it is quite impossible for bigger industries not to have customer service supports. It is clearly important to have a kind of communication between the clients and the business sectors. Businesses are expected to provide a customer support in a broad way. And using customer service representatives to increase the quality of the business is really cost- effective strategy. Nowadays, it belongs to the hot jobs in the states.


Most customer service reps need no higher education to have this job. Some of the companies that hire these professionals only requires a high school diploma as long as you can communicate well and knows how to operate the computer. However, some of the companies do require an associate degree and bachelor’s degree.


Salaries usually vary depending on the kind of industry they are working for.  The highest paying workers are those who work in fields like motor vehicle manufacturing and natural gas distribution.  However, there are times location also matters, because there are states that pay high for this position.

Here is the list of the highest paying states for this kind of job.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia, leading in the highest paying states has an hourly mean wage of $20.71 and an annual mean wage of $43,070.


This state is known for being the most populous state in the New England. And it is also known for being one of the highest paying states for this occupation.  On average this state gives an hourly rate for this position of $19.62 that is $40,800 annually.


California, the 3rd of the highest employment level for this occupation and also the 3rd highest paying state do pay for these professionals an hourly salary of $19.31 and a yearly mean wage of $40,160.


Connecticut is now well-known for its manufacturing industry which leads to state's economic growth. And due to a high demand of customer service for various ascending industry, these workers do have the bigger opportunity in this state. The state have offers an hourly rate of $19.07, and yearly mean wage of $39,660.

New York

New York, the 4th of the highest employment level for this position is now the 5th highest paying state for this occupation.

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