Changing Career: 5 Tips on How to Exit Your Current Job Gracefully?

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Changing Career: How to Exit Your Current Job Gracefully


Have you imagined how frustrating to stay in a job that won’t make you grow? The compensation is low and not enough for your needs and wants, you want to quit but your boss is just so kind enough that you never want to let him go. Oh! That’s really confusing, isn’t it? And how about going to work each day in an annoying work environment? That’s much more depressing. Well, whatever the reason is, whether you’re changing career path or looking for another job on the same path, leaving a current job is a difficult step. But it’s not that you can do nothing about it. You don’t have to get stuck up on a career or job that won’t ever make you grow and successful anyway. So, here are some steps you might want to consider.


1. Notify your Employer As Early As Possible

The standard practice when resigning a job is giving two weeks notice. But giving a notice earlier is much better. It will give your employer plenty of time to prepare for a smoother transition.

2. Be Professional

Being professional in all your dealings is really important key to not leave a bad impression. When you’re planning to resign, talk to your boss personally in a good and thankful manner. And of course, don’t let him be the last to know that you’re resigning. So, you should talk to him first before telling your decision to somebody else into your workplace. It’s ethical.

3. Write a Formal Resignation Letter

In your resignation letter, you have to state the reason you’re leaving. But be careful not to write any negative things about the company in your resignation letter. No, not ever! Even when you left your boss or the company with a lot of regrets, be thankful!

4. Don’t Slack Off

Even after giving notification to your boss about your resignation, avoid slacking off. Don’t stop working hard. Remain the same good employee as before and put effort to every work you do. It will leave a good impression to your workplace and will help you to make a good relationship with your boss and coworkers even after you left.

5. Don’t Say Something Negative

Don’t say something negative while having a friendly conversation with your coworkers. Remember, your friend has a friend who has a friend who has a friend. So, if you want to maintain a good reputation, try to speak positively in any way possible; unless, you want to leave not on good terms with your boss.

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