How Does Good Etiquette Affect You in Application For Job?


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Application for Job-How Does Showing a Good Etiquette Benefit You as an Applicant?

In an application for a job, your name must stay top-of-mind after a job interview. But sad to say sometimes after an interview you hear nothing from the hiring manager. Now, what will you do? It is time not to sit on pins and needles waiting for a response; it is time to show good etiquette by sending a follow up through an email.

Your aim for sending a thank you email

Remember that your aim is three-fold: First is to stay top of mind. Next is to find out about next steps and to show a keen interest in the position. This follow-up email matter a lot and can give an unexpectedly impressive impression to a hiring manager. This will show them how eager and enthusiastic you are for the job. Consider that some people still appreciate old-school good etiquette and so being thankful is a way to show a good conduct; even in your application for the job.

Consider the timing of the hiring decision

If the interviewer says he or she will make a decision within a week be sure that your thank you note will be received before the hiring decision is made.

 How about when the hiring manager emailed you that they already found someone who fits their need for the job?

Following up can still help even in some possibilities that the employer already picked someone for the position. There might be neck and neck candidates for the position, but the person hired for the position doesn’t work out, now an open line of communication with you is open and the employer knows you’re still interested in the job. Or maybe there are other relevant positions in the company open up that fits you.

To conclude, there are no losers on making follow up emails that show your appreciation for the time they gave you to consider your application. So why not try to do so?

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