5 Best Seasonal Jobs in the United States for 2017 and Onward

Best Seasonal Jobs for 2017

seasonal jobs

While long-term and full-time job need more experience and competencies, seasonal jobs are the best way to start your career. It doesn’t need a lot of qualifications and will help you to determine your career choice in the future. But if in case you’re at sixes and sevens or have no idea at all about the best seasonal job to choose, I’ll give you a multiple choice and the key to the best answer is in your hands. So, better carefully think about it.

1. Event Decorator

event decorator seasonal jobs

The essential qualifications for the job are creativity, time management and commitment. There are many different types of events, that’s why extra creativity is much needed. Also, making sure to create a perfect concept complementary to the event or celebration is your role. And having a background in floral design is a plus to perform a better job.

2. Seasonal Call Center Representatives

seasonal jobs

Knowledgeable, detail-oriented, friendly, strong communication skills, patient and calm under pressure are the top qualities of a call center representative. Their role is to support customer for their needs, resolve problems by clarifying issues and providing the best satisfying answer for their concerns.

3. Cashier

seasonal jobs

Mathematical and computer skills are the basic qualification for this job. An entry level or a little previous experience is fine. But to provide an excellent customer service is a must. So, sociability, multitasking, and effective communication skills are strongly desired to perform this type of job well.

4. Social Media Assistant

seasonal jobs

The main skill required for this position is extensive knowledge in social networking channels e.g Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Since today’s technology is constantly in progress, this type of job will always make you on the go and there’s no way you’ll get bored out of this.

5. Photographer

seasonal jobs

Technical skills, creativity, and hand-eye coordination are the top qualities of a professional photographer. Either working for an employer or become a freelance photographer, it's ideally good. However, the idea that high technology today outshines photographer’s profession thru best quality camera from phones and other devices causes many to shift into another job. Yes, sounds true. But still, many people believe precious moments are worth keeping forever. Therefore, no matter how expensive the professional fee of a photographer they’ll never be out of trend.

So, think carefully and choose wisely!

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